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Why your practice needs MediSecure

Minimise errors

When a clinician writes a prescription, the data is automatically uploaded to the ScriptVault until the dispensing pharmacist downloads it. This eliminates room for manual error.


Patient and provider data is safe with MediSecure. MediSecure is an electronic prescription exchange service that conforms to the relevant set of industry specifications for electronic prescriptions and is listed on the NeHTA Register of Conformity.

Why your pharmacy needs MediSecure

Cost neutral

MediSecure is free to install. The Australian government provides a full 15c rebate for the scanning charge.


Scanning barcodes saves you time on every script, every day. This allows you to give more to your customers and ensure they come back again.

Why you need Real Time Prescription Monitoring

Free and simple

DrShop is integrated within the latest version of MediSecure, Version 3. It comes at no cost for prescribers. The tool sits within your clinical system and does not disrupt workflow.

Peace of mind

The DrShop tool brings prescribers critical information, at the point of care. This is crucial when prescribing medicines that come with a significant risk of addiction.

New with MediSecure Version 3

Easy to scan

A bigger, clearer and easier to scan barcode located on the top right hand side of the prescription. It is easily recognisable with the MediSecure cross.


The free addition of Australia’s first Real Time Prescription Monitoring System, DrShop.

Australia’s first Real Time Prescription Monitoring system